The Noore
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Your Search is Over!

The Noore is more than just a guild, it is a community that is active across the entire globe. Members from all walks of life have found an environment in which there are no limitations to what is achievable. We have broken away from typical chain of command trends commonly found within gaming guilds and have created a unique structure: the Pilin. A Pilin is formed by eight members with common interests who elect their own leadership without outside influence.

This structure method allows close knit groups to enjoy their time playing together, whilst creating a larger sense of teamwork and cooperation between the groups. To recap: Pilins are created, filled and molded by the members themselves. (For a more detailed explanation, see "Recruitment Section")

So why you should join us?

  • Diversity

    "The Noore embraces a wide range of player gaming styles (Raiders, PvPers, Crafters, Lore Lovers, Role Players and Explorers)"

  • Stronger

    "Our guild is dedicated towards becoming a strong force within Tamriel."

  • Lore Friendly

    "We have our own guild specific lore written by our members."

  • World Guild

    "Our Members are based all around the world, you won’t struggle to find people to play with regardless of your timezone."

  • Social

    "We actively use social media to provide various ways to keep informed regarding the guild, and Elder Scrolls Online."

  • Aldmeri Dominion

    "Recruitment is open to all classes and all races within Aldmeri Dominion."

  • Organized

    "Officers of the guild are simply "the oil to the machine”, to smoothen the ride."

Regardless of what style of player you are or whether you've never played an MMO Game before, there are plenty of opportunities to grow and enjoy yourself in the game whilst contributing your talents, passions and skills to the community.

If being part of a uniquely structured guild that broke away from the typical "top down” command system to allow our members to thrive in their own way is something you've been waiting for, then explore our website and take the first step in becoming part of a fast growing, exciting community.

If you have any questions regarding the guild, do not hesitate to ask.

We look forward to reviewing your application soon.